Tales from a Stage Actor
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Tales from a Stage Actor

Ever since I auditioned for, and was awarded, a small part in my elementary school's fifth-grade play, I have been hooked on being on stage! I love the thrill of acting in front of an audience. As an adult, I now participate in local theater productions and, along with acting, I also have experience directing, building stage sets, and doing a little of everything that goes into putting on a live theater performance. I am now also working on some screen writing and hope to soon watch my ideas come to life! I love sharing my live theater experiences, tips, and tricks, so I decided to start a blog all about the theater. I plan to post often, so come back soon!


Tales from a Stage Actor

  • Gain Confidence And Exposure While Performing For Others

    29 November 2017

    If you are often considered the life of the party due to your witty jokes and creative mind and have thought about dabbling in the acting field to improve upon your natural talent, the tips below will help you gain confidence and exposure while performing for others: Sign Up For Improvisational Classes Improvisational acting involves performing without a script and reacting to what others say or to situations that are encountered without thinking ahead of time.

  • 3 Tips On Making Your Workplace More Diverse

    12 May 2017

    When you want to be sure that your workplace thrives and remains productive, you will want to do everything that you can to make it more diverse and also promote unity among your work force. There are a number of thoughts that you will want to keep in mind related to hiring for diversity, offering diversity training to your staff and more. By focusing on these points, your workplace will be so much better for it, so read on and put these guidelines to use.