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Tales from a Stage Actor

Ever since I auditioned for, and was awarded, a small part in my elementary school's fifth-grade play, I have been hooked on being on stage! I love the thrill of acting in front of an audience. As an adult, I now participate in local theater productions and, along with acting, I also have experience directing, building stage sets, and doing a little of everything that goes into putting on a live theater performance. I am now also working on some screen writing and hope to soon watch my ideas come to life! I love sharing my live theater experiences, tips, and tricks, so I decided to start a blog all about the theater. I plan to post often, so come back soon!


Tales from a Stage Actor

Gain Confidence And Exposure While Performing For Others

Morris Carter

If you are often considered the life of the party due to your witty jokes and creative mind and have thought about dabbling in the acting field to improve upon your natural talent, the tips below will help you gain confidence and exposure while performing for others:

Sign Up For Improvisational Classes

Improvisational acting involves performing without a script and reacting to what others say or to situations that are encountered without thinking ahead of time. Contact a local college, theater, or community center to request a listing of classes that are offered. If an improvisational comedy course is available, sign up and learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned actor or actress.

During classes, you will learn about various facial expressions and how others will perceive them, how to catch people off guard, and how to truly let yourself go while acting so that others will enjoy your performance. Your instructor may request that you and your classmates act out various skits during some classes. If this is the case, give the acting attempts your best shot and use feedback to help you improve your acting abilities. 

Write A Script And Perform For Others

Write a short script about a funny situation that involves a few people. Ask a couple of your friends if they would like to participate in a performance with you and assign the extra acting parts to them. Practice acting out the scenario in private with your peers until everyone knows their lines. Plan a date and time to act in front of immediate family members, co-workers, or others that you and your friends are comfortable spending time with. 

Test The Waters With A Comedy Club Routine

Think about some funny situations that you have dealt with over the course of your life and use the information to help you think of some jokes that you think others will think are hilarious. Record yourself saying the jokes and play back the recording to determine if you sound as funny as you think you are.

If your voice sounds stilted or weak, make an additional recording until you are pleased with the way that you sound and you believe that the jokes sound genuine. Stop by a local comedy club that is holding a contest for new actors or actresses. Sign up for the contest and do your best to 'wow' the crowd with your unique performance.

Contact a company like Synergy Theater for more information and assistance.